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Thanks to all who came out; it was a great day! Thanks to Vee, Keely and Revolve for the planning and organizing!

Bike Polo will be a featured event on Sunday Oct. 24, 2012 from 4 till 6pm. So, polo ladies, make sure to check it out!


Winter League Wrap-up Monday Aug. 6 and 13, 6pm!
First games:
Dirty Polo vs. Mallets of Mayhem
Creatures of the Deep Ocean vs. C.H.A.P.-sticks
Trash Torque vs. The Phil-ginas

Wellington Bike Polo had the opportunity to do the Roller Derby half-time show at Saturday night’s derby final between Comic Slams and Smash Malice. Thanks to the Derby organizers for asking us out, it was an awesome time!

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