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Nice video of the King of the Cage tournament in Auckland. Again, thanks to Leo and the whole Auckland crew for putting it on and thanks to all the players for coming out and making it an awesome weekend!






Deep in the dark corners of the internet lies this polo gem. East Van’s very own, Robbie is making history creating the worlds first “TV” show about bike polo. The show’s got interviews, polo montages, dick of the week, crashes, reviews and more. Hardcourt bike polo might be young, each place having their small local following, we may be worlds apart but we’re all the same: polo obsessed, drawn together by this sport we love to play.

Keep them coming Robbie.


Here’s some raw footage of a game using Vee’s nifty helmet cam. Thanks Vee!

The world hardcourt bike polo championships were held in Seattle this past weekend. Seventy-Two teams from around the world gathered to battle it out for the world champ title, and after five days of beautiful polo Canada’s very own East Vancouver team, “Crazy Canucks”, win 5-4 in overtime against the French team “Call Me Daddy”. Congrats to Rory, Chris and Alex!

Winning Goal



Full Game


The web is littered with so many insanely good polo videos, but these are some of my all time favourites. Also, check back soon, I hear some of the Dame Truth boys are cooking up a special Wellington Bike Polo video.

Some short and sweet, some epic. So queue them up, sit back and enjoy!