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Wellington Bike Polo had the opportunity to do the Roller Derby half-time show at Saturday night’s derby final between Comic Slams and Smash Malice. Thanks to the Derby organizers for asking us out, it was an awesome time!

Photos Courtesy of Chris Riddell

Bike polo is proudly D.I.Y. Although there may be several commercial mallet options that are pretty kick ass (St. Cago, Milwaukee, Fixcraft), it is always more fun to build your own mallet. There is no one right way; everyone puts their own little twist on the basic design (Hardcourt’s, Boise’s, Legit’s).

Here’s a step by step guide on how to build a decent, solid mallet. Improvise, make it your own, bring it to the court and score big fat goals!

Big thanks to Ariel for taking these shots!

(Can you spot the random person walking through in the middle of the game?!)

Thanks to the Dame Truth boys for taking some photos of polo last Saturday. Click the photo to see some more wicked polo action!